RayFire Voronoi modifier allows you to interactively fragment objects to voronoi fragments.



  • 20 Times faster fragmentation speed
  • Box, Spherical and Cylindrical point cloud distribution with Falloff
  • Radial point cloud distribution
  • Point cloud distribution by Geometry, Particle Systems and Shapes
  • Custom point cloud distribution which allows to gather together all other distribution types and edit point cloud on Per Point level
  • Outside Object, Outside Clipping Gizmo, Noise and Texture Map point cloud filtering
  • Stretching for creating Wood Splinters fragments
  • Fragments Glueing by Clipping Gizmo, Texture Map, Noise generator and By Volume
  • Gap and Scale properties for fragments
  • Material ID and Mapping Sizeproperties for inner faces
  • Correct fragmentation of Shelled geometry and geometry with Holes
  • Support for Custom Vertex Normals, no smoothing artifacts at sliced edges
  • Explode to Objects functionality
  • Wire Color Preview for fragments



User Interface: