Animation Caching

With new RayFire Cache geometry object you can cache thousands of objects, their Transformation, Deformation and Topology animation in single file to keep all mesh and animation data outside of scene. Using variety of playback properties you can get results completely different from what was cached. Separate RayFire Cache for Maya allows to Playback cached objects inside Maya.


  • Transformation, Deformation and Toplogy caching, turns 1 Gig scene in 400 Kb
  • Animatable playback Speed property
  • Playback by Playback Graph
  • Reverse playback
  • Playback by Adjustable FPS
  • Automatic Scale from one System Unit Scale to another
  • Caching with respect to Visibility track
  • Playback activation by animated Sub Object gizmo
  • Per Element playback control by actions: Hold In \ Out, Offset, Delete by Age
  • Load types: Stream, Per-Sample, Pre-Load
  • Custom Viewport and Render properties
  • Explode. Bake cached animation back to animated fragments
  • FREE Loader for render farms

User Interface: