Unity. Changelog

Build 0.92 – 02 June 2019

Updated documentation.
Online Help references. Every component has link (Book icon on top) to online help page. (empty for now)
RayFire category with all components in Add Component Menu.
Manager. New MonoBehaviour script.
Manager. Object pooling for fragments.
Manager. Optional gravity multiplier.
Manager. Global Infinite Fall check.
Manager. Global Maximum Fragments Amount limitation.
Manager. Global Solidity propertt.
Rigid. UI change.
Rigid. Removed local Infinite Fall check.
Rigid. Removed local Maximum Fragments Amount limitation.
Rigid. New object type – Mesh Root.
Rigid. New object type – Connected Cluster.
Rigid. Cluster object type renamed to Nested Cluster.
Rigid. Safe seconds variation, hardcoded, in random range from 0 to 2 seconds.
Bomb. Audio support.